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Partner with Solar Negotiators for a lifetime of solar success. We are the best resource for free information and reliable pricing on solar designs. Request a solar panel quote today from our team of experts to get started on your solar journey.

Quote & Design

Brighthouse Solar Energy Solutions specialize in providing comprehensive quoting and design services for all your solar energy system needs. We can do it all for you if you’re considering residential, commercial, or industrial solar installations. Our experienced and professional design team is here to assist you every step of the way.
Our quoting and design services are tailored to meet your specific solar energy system requirements. Our in-house team always ensures that you receive accurate information and customized solutions.

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We offer highly affordable solar energy systems and solutions. You can make a smart move by getting your required solar energy system quotes and then comparing that with our competitors. The practice will let you see a clear difference regarding how competitively priced our services are.
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How do our solar quote and design service work?

Our solar quote and design service consists of different steps. All these steps help our team to provide you with accurately estimated quotes. Here are the key steps of our Solar quotes services you need to know:

Initial consultation

You can book an initial consultation with Brighthouse expert team to start the process. In this consultation, our experts will discuss your energy goals, assess your location, and evaluate your energy consumption patterns. This consultation lets us understand your needs and provide recommendations based on your unique needs and concerns.

Solar energy system requirements’ audit

Our experts will also conduct a thorough energy audit to provide an accurate quote and design. Our team will:

  • Assess your current energy usage

  • Evaluate your roof or land space

  • Analyze any structural considerations

By understanding your energy requirements and available resources, we can design a solar energy system that maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Solar energy system design customization

We work with an in-house team of skilled solar energy system engineers and designers. They will create a customized solar energy system design that aligns with your energy goals and budget.

We utilize advanced software tools and consider all the important factors when designing a solution for you. These factors typically include:

  • Solar panel placement

  • Shading analysis

  • Equipment selection, and more.

All these factors help to optimize system performance. Above all, our solar energy system design will be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum energy generation and long-term savings.

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Partner with Brighthouse for a lifetime of solar success. We are the best resource for free information and reliable pricing on solar designs.

Detailed quotation

Once the design is finalized, we provide you with a detailed solar energy system installation quotation. Our quote will include a breakdown of costs, equipment specifications, projected energy generation, and estimated return on investment.

We are committed to transparency and will address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the quotation.

Enjoy all the benefits of solar energy systems with Brighthouse!

Brighthouse lets you access professional quoting and design services for all your solar energy system needs. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs. Our highly passionate experts are dedicated to delivering premium quality services and 100% customer satisfaction.
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